I'm just sayin'.

Dear Religion: Do better.

It’s been a while.

I was happy with not writing about religion. I was doing fine enjoying my God-given life without mentioning it. And then this article showed up in my Twitter timeline.

Reading my namesake’s story reminded me of my childhood. When I was younger I attended a couple of Christian elementary schools. I remember in grades 5-8, at my second school, we had more than cliques to deal with. We had cliques and hormones. (Yay!?!) My classmates never thought I was attractive. But there were a few girls whose appearance made them notorious.

They were what “the world”–aka any typical human being–would consider attractive. Thin. Beautiful. At least two of them were blonde. One of my (female) teachers seemed obsessed with preying on them for little more than the way they looked. (This was before the notion of the “hot Christian woman” became popular. Back then, I think they were regarded as young Jezebels.) We were never BFFs, but I used to hear tales of them being reprimanded regarding nonsensical things such as the length of their skirts and whether or not they were wearing lipstick.

I’ve never talked about slut-shaming on my blog. (I know what it means, but I don’t care for the term.) That said, I’ve always been amazed at people who believe that saying Jesus’ name excuses them from just about everything. Those folks need a newsflash. I think it’s high time they realized that “knowing Jesus” does not give anyone the right to be as bigoted or ignorant as they like.

Honestly…Certain things are evil not because they actually are, but because people have chosen to make them so. I wish more religious individuals understood this. Grown men need to learn to control their sexual urges. At the very least, if they struggle with controlling them, they ought to be able to grasp that having sexual impulses does not entitle one to think of the object(s) of their desire as the enemy.

Just last week I was contemplating a so-called controversial issue and religious people’s inability to deal with it. I remember thinking, “All these people…I wonder if they know that God expects them to be sensible.” God gave us our brains. We must not be afraid to use them.


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