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Hustle On!: Farewell to How She Hustles

Today’s the day!

Emily - HSH - 2013

Emily and Team HSH - 2013
Photos of Emily Mills and her team, circa 2013.

After a successful five-year run, the last How She Hustles brunch is being held today in Toronto.

I can’t attend this year. Still, I have fond memories. I went last year. In a few short hours I met professionals of all stripes who led double lives. They were everyday superheroes—women who dared to pursue their dreams beyond their day jobs.

I would like to thank my friend Emily Mills for taking the time to organize this event. Every year, she works hard with her team to create something truly meaningful: A space for women to gather and bond over their willingness to pursue their passions in spite of life’s craziness.

My time at How She Hustles will always be precious to me. The event is a genuine celebration of sisterhood that I will sincerely miss.


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