ArchiveApril 18, 2016

Ghost in…The HELL!?!

If ever I needed proof that Hollywood doesn’t understand audiences, this is it. This video has to be one of the most condescending things I’ve ever seen in my life. Every statement was…I don’t know. What’s the word for the intersection between a lie and an excuse? The title alone had me reeling. “If You’re Mad About Ghost in the Shell You Don’t Know...

“Hollow” Hope?

*Apparently this post’s title was a sign. Only a few hours after I published it, I learned about Nicole Beharie’s latest role. Over the weekend I read this article. Well, not all of it. I skimmed my way over to the section about Sleepy Hollow. Take a look: Fox has Sleepy Hollow, which recently ended its third season with a shocking finale that saw one of its leads die. While nowhere...

This week on Underground

Log line: Innocence is lost when children are forced to face the harsh realities of the world. My first impression? I love the kids on Underground. I can’t wait to see what’s revealed as this episode shows us more of their talent. Also, I wanted to talk for a minute about the characters as a whole. I really love the fact that none of them seem to embody the tropes that you’d...


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