“Hollow” Hope?

*Apparently this post’s title was a sign. Only a few hours after I published it, I learned about Nicole Beharie’s latest role.

Over the weekend I read this article. Well, not all of it. I skimmed my way over to the section about Sleepy Hollow.


Take a look:

Fox has Sleepy Hollow, which recently ended its third season with a shocking finale that saw one of its leads die. While nowhere near the ratings highs of the first season, Sleepy Hollow has a following, logs solid DVR gains, and, because of the famous underlying property, the series makes money for Fox internationally, so getting to four seasons would be financially beneficial for the company.

While Sleepy Hollow is on the bubble, there had been positive signs, and I hear the studio has been doing contingent staffing moves to be prepared in case the series is renewed.


That blurb may contain industry gossip, but it warmed the cockles of my slowly-aging heart. As much as I love Abbie Mills, showbusiness is still a business. The decisions made at Sleepy Hollow affect its studio’s bottom line. It hurts me to think that that’s the only reason someone at Fox might be reconsidering their actions.

Ultimately, though, I’m content with the idea of things being rearranged. Sometimes a business has to change its staff in order to improve.

In my opinion, a staffer’s ability “get” a show should be taken just as seriously as their professional qualifications–if not more. Their decisions can end up affecting TPTB’s end product, for better or for worse.

Also, as a fan, it’s hard not to notice something about Sleepy Hollow‘s actors.

That video is one of many. From what I’ve seen, the SH cast adores each other.

It’s easier said than done. But I find it hard not to wish TPTB could capture the same level of synergy behind the scenes. Hell, forget synergy. They just need people who have respect for the program’s vision.

*This post has been slightly edited to clarify my thoughts.


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