This week on Underground

Log line: Innocence is lost when children are forced to face the harsh realities of the world.

My first impression? I love the kids on Underground. I can’t wait to see what’s revealed as this episode shows us more of their talent.

Also, I wanted to talk for a minute about the characters as a whole. I really love the fact that none of them seem to embody the tropes that you’d normally associate with a period slave drama. Whether it’s Rosalee’s ingenuity or Noah’s determination, the protagonists make me proud. (Don’t even get me started on Pearly Mae! I still miss her.)

Underground marks the first time I’ve seen slaves not merely depicted as slaves. Instead, they’re just what folks who work on the show have called them: Enslaved  human beings. I’m inspired by their passion. They remain strong and ambitious in their pursuit of freedom.

And then there are Underground‘s villains. From his first scene the last episode, I couldn’t help but give Tom Macon a double take. Usually slave masters are shown as being one-note, evil people. This makes sense; I can’t imagine showing someone who owns human beings in a positive light.  But in episode 6, I was taken aback. “Is it me,” I wondered,”or is this man the most insecure person I’ve ever seen?”

I look forward to watching Mr. Macon unravel. Or die.* Whichever comes first.


*I’ve kept my eye on the cast’s social media accounts. The man who plays Tom (Reed Diamond) is used to being killed off.


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