My name is Claire, and I’m a writer.

I’ve also got a mad case of wanderlust. A few days ago I think I told someone that I’m “severely undertravelled” [sic]. And I am. I don’t judge anyone for not travelling extensively. Yet something within longs to see the world. It’s an urge that keeps nagging at my spirit.

I took the photo that you see on my homepage when I was in Barbados, in 2016. Back then, I was spending time on the island during a family member’s final days. I didn’t do a lot of walking, but as I was driven around, I used my phone to capture images. It seemed like an eternity since I’d last been to the island, and in spite of the madness that swirled within my soul, a part of me felt curious and captivated by the country.

Over the past year I’ve been blessed to break into freelance writing. Among other subjects, I’ve covered beauty and entrepreneurship. Yet I long to explore the world and share my insights as a travel writer. I’m avidly pursuing leads in this field. If you know of an editor or publication that would be interested in working with me, feel free to get in touch!