Over the past week….

In order, I have seen the following people: David Miller at St. George subway station. He’s handsome. Dashing, even. He said “hi” as he went by. Bob Rae – Downtown. I won’t say where, as my namedropping isn’t meant to be stalkerish… and Adam Vaughan at the Yes In My Backyard festival. That was an… Continue reading Over the past week….

We’Lobike Launch!!

We’Lobike is launching in Toronto on September the 13th. Ill Seer is the man behind the madness. As he wrote on my myspace page… Toronto is about to get a little bit brighter with the launch of WE’LO, as it pedals its way towards promoting a higher level of social and environmental consciousness. In an… Continue reading We’Lobike Launch!!


There’s a store in Kensington Market that I pop into on occasion. And every time I do, I come away feeling good. Welcome to Soma. Yesterday, outside, I met a very kind older gentleman. We chatted for a bit. I guessed correctly that he was the owner’s father. During our conversation I asked him the… Continue reading Introducing…

July the 6th

The Six Ah Wi Art Collective had an opening at The Gladstone. I thought the title of their event was more than brilliant: “Genius Loves Company”. Although I didn’t stay very long, I was captivated by the creative energy of the evening. If I could convey one thing to you about the occasion, it is… Continue reading July the 6th

Black Like Who?

Note: This essay originally appeared as “Will the real Black girl please stand up?” in marlo, in 2003. Why is it that to certain black people, some of us don’t fit the code? Apparently, there’s a particular way we must dress, speak, and act – and if we should fall short of these standards, we‘re… Continue reading Black Like Who?