Black Excellence

We talk about “Black Excellence” and regard it as this beautiful, indomitable force in people of African descent. But what if it were a product? What would its ad campaign look like? Those questions inspired this week’s video. I won’t share much about my creative process. Instead I’ll point out something very important: I didn’t… Continue reading Black Excellence

Take A Knee

This summer, I worked with a group of teenage ESL students. I remember the first time I taught them our national anthem. Everyone was ok with what we were doing, except one young woman. I’ll call her Emma. After we sang “O Canada,”  I had the students work through an anthem-related activity. Once we were… Continue reading Take A Knee

Coming Soon!: CaribbeanTales International Film Festival

Caribana may have finished, but in Toronto, the celebration of Caribbean culture isn’t over. The city is home to CaribbeanTales, an organization devoted to sharing stories from people of the Caribbean diaspora. The CaribbeanTales International Film Festival begins in September, and runs from the 7th to the 17th of the month. A few days ago… Continue reading Coming Soon!: CaribbeanTales International Film Festival


In this episode,  Jamie of Black Girl Nerds offers her listeners brilliant commentary on the idea of hashtag ownership. I’m about halfway through, and I have nothing to add. …Except for a little something about online behaviour. When I follow people on social media, it’s because their content interests me, or I like them, or both. Either… Continue reading #ThronesYall

False Avatar

…And to think sometimes I wonder why directors cast Chinese people to play Koreans, and vice versa… Right now there are bigger fish to fry. *cue Valley Girl accent* So I was just looking at Racialicious, and like, this series called Avatar: The Last Airbender is being made into, like, a live-action film.  The characters… Continue reading False Avatar