So I Think I Can Teach.

Still. In spite of everything. In spite of being an overly-sensitive dreamer. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve worked for  my local school board. In that time I swore I was done with working in education for good. If only I’d known that this week my Little Demon Chickens would have come homeContinue reading “So I Think I Can Teach.”

Books: See Me After Class

Well, guys. I still want to work in education. I’ll tell you about that another time. Long story short–yesterday I had one hell of an epiphany about my career. Last night I went and shopped my basement for teaching books. Thank God I didn’t burn them like I’d once planned. I found most of them.Continue reading “Books: See Me After Class”

So you want to be a teacher?

Be careful. I’ve wanted to share my thoughts about teaching for a while. In the middle of the last decade I graduated from teachers’ college. Since then I’ve spent a great deal of time as a substitute teacher. However, I’ve also had glimpses into the world of full-time teaching. I believe I’ve had enough experienceContinue reading “So you want to be a teacher?”

Elementary, Dear Claire.

School’s out. So I can talk about it, no? The following is a creative non-fiction piece. It contains some solid memories melded with echoes of shenanigans that I’ve witnessed over the years.  Enjoy!!  Source Dear Readers, lend me your ears and your sympathy. I work as a substitute teacher. When I first started, all IContinue reading “Elementary, Dear Claire.”

Mr. D and The Day Job

The other day I had the chance to sit in on some great conversations about television.  One concept that was brought up was the magic that happens when a show “gets it”.  That’s when a program is able to connect to its audience by offering a realistic portrayal of its audience’s life. Currently, I workContinue reading “Mr. D and The Day Job”

Kids these days…

Today I sat in on a class of Grade 9s. They were hyper, but lovely. Check out the response after I tried to tell a student that something he’d said was false… Student A: That’s not a lie, that’s a fib. Me: Actually, they’re both together, under [gesturing] a big umbrella called Dishonesty. Student B:Continue reading “Kids these days…”