The Handmaid’s FAIL?

Millions of years ago when I was in school, I read The Handmaid’s Tale. And I’ll confess–as with all of Margaret Atwood’s works, it gave me the creeps. I don’t remember every precise detail of its story. However, I still have enough of it with me to recall its overarching themes. It deals specifically with… Continue reading The Handmaid’s FAIL?

All that I can say…

Is that yesterday was wonderful. Full-to-bursting with wisdom and love. I mean… I know I’ve used this photo before. But, alas, Darlings. It fits! The Women’s Freedom Conference was extraordinary. Sisterhood can be a truly beautiful, empowering experience. One that deserves to be treasured. Thank you to the entire team behind this event. It was… Continue reading All that I can say…

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Ode to the “F” word.

Happy Sunday, everyone! Today marks the launch of the Women’s Freedom Conference. You can attend it online for free. 2. Yesterday, this article showed up in my Twitter timeline. I sent out a response. Dear @i_D, 1. We know that Beyoncé didn't invent feminism. 2. The type of #feminism she promotes is not the man-hating kind.… Continue reading Ode to the “F” word.