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Mind Your Media: The Core of The Grift

Further to yesterday’s post, I’ve finally got a clear idea of what’s been bothering me. Certain media figures lie consistently about the way the world works and how people treat each other. They seem to love comforting themselves and their audiences with the idea that the oppressed or vulnerable within society are trying to fool everyone. Some do it with great flair. They may produce just enough...

Mind Your Media: Manipulating Martin

“…I have not said to my people ‘get rid of your discontent’.”Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior – Letter from Birmingham City Jail Last week on the internet, I noticed someone with a following misinterpreting Dr. Martin Luther King’s words. Since last month was the month of his birth, I shouldn’t have been surprised.  And although the person’s speech was grandiloquent their...

Mind Your Media: The Grand Misunderstanding 

Sometime in January, a thought came to mind: Privilege may yield power, but it doesn’t automatically bring knowledge. – Claire A few years ago I interviewed a white female professor for a diversity-driven story. Dr. Shelly Tochluk is an expert on challenging white people’s perspectives on bigotry. And she explained something to me about why some Caucasians are so defensive...


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