I love music.

I especially enjoy listening to it while I write. Since Saturday was supposed to be devoted to writing like a motherf*cker I was in my glory. Here are a couple of tracks that made me dance as I typed:

I can’t find the studio version of “When I Fall…” on iTunes. I might have to acquire it by…Other means.
This next song is, however, a part of Apple’s collection.

Night Music, redux.

I used footage from my previous video in a short project.

Capturing people honestly means a lot to me–I can’t wait to improve my skills.

Night Music.

On Friday I dragged a friend out with me to run an errand.
When we were finished, we ran into these guys:

You have no idea. I could’ve stood there forever.
Dear God. Music is what I’ve been missing. Let me grab my copy of NOW…

Shine bright, baby.

Here’s an inconvenient truth: When it came to my destiny, there was a season where I felt truly helpless. I was almost apathetic However, time’s been teaching me. Today I see my potential and I realize that I’m more powerful than I know. Right now I’m in a position where I need help.  I’ve been praying. And also listening. Deep down I know that everything is going to...

Marvin Thicke

Yesterday I finally heard Robin Thicke’s latest, “Blurred Lines”.

The entire time that I was listening, I thought, “Hey…”

Everything old is cool again.

Indie Fashion Boutique Spotlight: DORLY DESIGNS

In the heart of Toronto’s Leslieville neighbourhood DORLY DESIGNS is your destination for unique designer jewelry and statement pieces you won’t find anywhere else in the city. Owned and operated by Fashion Designer Dorly J-Louis, her determination to bring you her collections is truly inspiring. DORLY DESIGNS 1173 Queen Street East, Toronto Photo: Staff I began by asking Dorly about her...

Podcast – Welcome: Wunderstrands

Hello Everyone,
I hope you enjoy my latest podcast episode. It features music by the fantastic new Canadian band–Wunderstrands.
[soundcloud url=”; params=”?” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”false” /]
To hear more, visit their web site. And stay tuned to their Twitter page.


I found this lovely song on SouthernSouls‘ web site. It’s the Wunderstrands, featuring Krystin Pellerin singing background vocals.

Still Jill

I was checking out Youtube this morning.
If you know me, then you know that I adore Jill Scott.
There’s one song on her latest album that I regularly skip.
Its beauty and honesty makes me want to cry.
Still, I figure someone out there might need to hear it.

“This song’s the one….”

It’s also FREE on iTunes.
“And you can’t help singing along. Even though you never heard it, you keep singing it wrong…”
You see, Joanne? Someone FINALLY wrote a song about me. 😉


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