Who are these Peeple?!?

Last week, Peeple hit the media like a ton of bricks. Most of what I wanted to say has already been said. Still, I had a concern. How do tech companies choose the projects that they support? Seriously. I’d like to know. ¬†What is their vetting process? Peeple’s creators posted a (now-removed) web series onContinue reading “Who are these Peeple?!?”

Tech Talk: Welcome to the iSide

I don’t understand the Apple hate. I really, really don’t. Several weeks ago, my phone’s contract was about to expire. I decided to step into the smartphone world. I did my best to research the three main players–Android, Blackberry, and iPhone. You see, I’d fantasized forever about getting an iPhone. I’ve owned a Macbook forContinue reading “Tech Talk: Welcome to the iSide”

FYI: Snapseed’s no longer on sale

The other day when I posted a photo, I said that I used Snapseed. It’s a great app. And when I downloaded it, it was free. Well…When I downloaded Snapseed, it was under a special promotion. Imagine my surprise when I clicked my way into the App Store this morning. Normally, Snapseed sells for $4.99.Continue reading “FYI: Snapseed’s no longer on sale”