Defaults and Diversity

One thought on “Defaults and Diversity

  1. Oh man, I never realized that about the six (six!!) black female Oscar winners. Wow…man. I want to see a frothy romatic comedy with Lupita Nyong’o too, but the only way I can imagine that movie happening is as a “black” movie that is marketed exclusively to African Americans and is full of cheesy tropes. …Sigh. It reminds me of a story I read recently about Retta (from Parks & Rec), and how even though she’s incredibly versatile and can do a lot of things (like singing opera) all she ever gets offered is the part of the “sassy, big black woman”. That’s basically the role she played on Parks and Rec, except that she totally killed it and took the character to a whole other level. But…yeah.

    So it doesn’t sound like you are missing much by not reading a whole lot of those formulaic scripts. Forge new ground! Get away from the rote old fashioned way of doing things! (I tell myself the same thing as a scientist, but boy, it is hard.)

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