Don’t use news to abuse.

I’ve tried to stay away from social media over the past several weeks. Although I click  on a tweet every now and then when I see it in an article, for the most part, I’ve succeeded. But a few days ago, I noticed that I’ve been drawn to something else. For, although I’ve tried to keep my distance from the Land of Likes, I’ve become a little too fond of my News app.

Have you ever caught yourself doomscrolling for information on everything from the world’s wars to the weather?

I have.

The other day, I asked myself a few questions.

My addiction to the news is an extension of my addiction to social media. What is being fed in my soul when I’m updating myself on the lives of all these people who have nothing to do with me? How is that actually helping me as an individual adult, alive, here and now?

Newsflash: It’s not.

Be careful out there. And above all, be kind to yourself.

Photo via CreateHER Stock Photos