Get ready?

I have one week before school starts. You’d think I’d be more prepared. 

One final but vital detail needs to be sorted out. If you’re spiritual at all, pray or send out positive vibes.

In spite of that concern, the other 99.9% of me is overcome with excitement.  I’m really looking forward to experiencing the city, especially its FREE offerings. (No matter how expensive Toronto is, you can always find something decent there–to see, to do, or to eat–that won’t cost you a penny.)

In the months to come I look forward to featuring more local content.


It’s weird. When I blog from where I am now, I’m preoccupied with my privacy. I haven’t publicized certain posts because I’ve worried about readers stalking me figuring out where I live. Yet once I’m in the city…I don’t know what it is. There’s more to do, and more to share. Something about that space really inspires me in spite of myself.

As for this blog, a few nights ago I caught myself stalling. I know I’m supposed to be participating in 31WriteNow, but I was torn between two blog posts.  Although both were important to me, I couldn’t bring myself to post them. I kept wondering if I’d regret sharing my thoughts later on.

Even as I type that, I hate realizing that my old friend fear is trying to maintain his hold on me. Deep down, I know I need to shed a lot of my old post ideas before I get to the good stuff. I feel like my writing has a deeper purpose, and I can’t wait to find out what it is!


3 thoughts on “Get ready?

  1. Toronto is so cool. Used to have field trips there when I was a kid. Family friends also live(d) there.

    There is this book that I read a while ago called “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway.” It came to mind when I saw you mentioning fear.

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