Wicked Words

As a content writer, I’m committed to my clients’ success. I remember when I first threw myself into this field, I was incredibly enthusiastic. I didn’t anticipate any problems. I mean really. Content’s all the rage. I’m an amazing writer. How could business owners not understand that they needed me? It didn’t take long for… Continue reading Wicked Words

Black Excellence

We talk about “Black Excellence” and regard it as this beautiful, indomitable force in people of African descent. But what if it were a product? What would its ad campaign look like? Those questions inspired this week’s video. I won’t share much about my creative process. Instead I’ll point out something very important: I didn’t… Continue reading Black Excellence

Just because.

The joy that cannot be diminished in spite of hatred and heartbreak. In spite of unexpected evils that seem intent on rising up due to nature’s cruelest whim. I am here, as are you. And we shall not be stopped. I was feeling a little poetic earlier. I’m thankful that deep down, my sense of… Continue reading Just because.

Take A Knee

This summer, I worked with a group of teenage ESL students. I remember the first time I taught them our national anthem. Everyone was ok with what we were doing, except one young woman. I’ll call her Emma. After we sang “O Canada,”  I had the students work through an anthem-related activity. Once we were… Continue reading Take A Knee

The Handmaid’s FAIL?

Millions of years ago when I was in school, I read The Handmaid’s Tale. And I’ll confess–as with all of Margaret Atwood’s works, it gave me the creeps. I don’t remember every precise detail of its story. However, I still have enough of it with me to recall its overarching themes. It deals specifically with… Continue reading The Handmaid’s FAIL?