So Dalia asked…

2 thoughts on “So Dalia asked…

  1. dreads would be seriously wicked, but I also like the ‘fro. Whatever you do, don’t perm-straighten it.

    I also stare in awe at women with gorgeous long dreads …good things come to those who wait, so do it!

  2. wear twists and then when you get tired, rock the fro… it’s summer, fros are ALWAYS best in the warm weather.

    i am currently wearing braids ’cause i’m this ( – ) close to lopping off whatever’s growing underneath them. not long enough to rock a big fro, but man, i can’t wait until i can again.

    i’ve been thinking about dreds, but man, in my opinion, a gorgeous fro trumps a luscious headful of locs any day.

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