RUNday: Om nom nom

As I continue my journey into the world of fitness, I’m more conscious of what I put in my mouth. I haven’t turned into a complete culinary snob. But I’m trying to strike a balance between food that is both delicious and healthy. There are some things I’ve always known that keep hitting me in… Continue reading RUNday: Om nom nom

And another thing.

Tonight as I was using the food processor, it occurred to me that I left out yet another detail from my recipe tips. (If you don’t know which recipe I’m referring to, just read my last 2 posts. 😉 ) In addition to watching the amount of beans that you use, you may find that… Continue reading And another thing.

Freestyle Food: Super Salad + An Important Tip

I don’t plan on becomming a food blogger. But until I get back to love, life, and the pursuit of Jesus, I figure it can’t hurt to share a meal I made a few minutes ago, along with a vital note regarding yesterday’s recipe. First, the salad: The dressing was made of balsalmic vinegar sea… Continue reading Freestyle Food: Super Salad + An Important Tip