Quit teasing!: Star Trek Into Darkness’ first REAL trailer.

I’m glad I don’t have to watch a teaser any more. Here’s what I was waiting for: I still have the same question in my head as I did the last time. I would like to know…Just who is the “family” that’s mentioned? Kirk’s sister?

Star Trek – Thoughts

The image above is not mine. It’s from Futurama. I Googled it myself. Here’s a confession if ever there was one: If I was not a Christian, Star Trek would be my religion. I kid you not. Given the an opportunity to hypothesize, some may cite Buddhism and other faiths. But me? Forget deities that […]

Star Trek – A Prayer

This review cracked me up. And quite honestly, I agree with every word. Lord, we thank thee for imbuing Abrams with taste and conscience enough to guarantee that “Star Trek” will once again live long and prosper. May he do the same. LOL. Seriously, though? Now that I’ve seen Star Trek in Abrams’ hands, I […]

“Are you out of your Vulcan mind?”

LOL. Not really. That, by the way, is probably the closest I’ll get to swearing on this blog. (I didn’t know it was a previously-used Trek line. In the current movie, Bones says it in such a way that “Vulcan” serves as an excellent stand-in for…Another word.) Now then… One of my roommates took me […]