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  • I’ve got a new podcast episode.

    It’s a Spotify exclusive, ’cause I’m using some of their music–from Jessie Ware and BeyoncĂ©, to be more precise. And I’m proud of the damn thing, even though it’s awful. Awkward “Am I really doing this?” voice? Check. Pointless pauses? Check! Nevertheless, I insisted. Give it a listen. More to come! Image via Matt Botsford…

  • Claire.She.Goes Episode 6.0 – Jennifer Budd

    Here’s the latest episode of Claire.She.Goes. This time around, I talked to Paris, Ontario artist, Jennifer Budd.

  • Podcast – Welcome: Wunderstrands

    Hello Everyone, I hope you enjoy my latest podcast episode. It features music by the fantastic new Canadian band–Wunderstrands. To hear more, visit their web site. And stay tuned to their Twitter page.

  • My Podcast: Episode #2

    I’ve struggled with the idea of getting a podcast going. Believe me when I say that the struggle’s been all mine. Nevertheless, I’ve recorded Episode #2. CLICK HERE to listen.