Status Report?: Spiritual Renewal

Earlier this summer, one of the hottest musicians in the galaxy mentioned prayer in an interview, and I felt it. When I first read Rihanna‚Äôs chat with Sarah Paulson, I was excited. I had just shared a post on meditation. Next on my schedule was prayer, but I needed a hook. Perfect timing, right? ExceptContinue reading “Status Report?: Spiritual Renewal”

Losing My Religion?: A look at Love (Wins).

A few weeks ago I drafted a long-winded blog post about having an alternative take on my faith. (I was inspired when I read this article from The Huffington Post about one of the Pope’s declarations.) I sent what I’d come up with to a friend of mine. Among other things, when she wrote meContinue reading “Losing My Religion?: A look at Love (Wins).”