Up in the sky, it’s a bird–it’s a plane….It’s a movie trailer featuring black actors actually playing legitimate people. You know, with emotions and lives, instead of stereotypes.

Or not.

I shouldn’t boast prematurely. After all, I haven’t actually seen this movie…But it looks ok. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the video below while I’m figuring out if I still know how to write.

I found this on my favorite loc board today. I figure a few of you could use some inspiration.

My hair and I are in a weird place right now. I love it. But my locs aren’t exactly looking or behaving the way I want them to. In my head, on one hand I’m going, “Yay, dreadlocks!!”

Meanwhile, I can’t help but thinking about the future. I’ve got a list of improvements that I’d like to see.