Thank You For Smoking – The Novel


First, I would like to thank Jason Reitman for NOT making readers lug home typical movie-editions of the novel. The outside of the copy that I own is lovely. Check the design below.

I ask you…Can there be anything more vile than going to the store to grab a book upon which some great crappy cool movie is based, only to discover that its cover has been festooned with the mugs of the rich and famous? I don’t care how lovely a book-based-film’s cast is.

Celebrity book covers are an example of inverse product placement at its worst. I want a book because I want a book–and yes, sometimes I’m made aware of said volume because I find out about the movie first. But having so-and-so’s face plastered all over something won’t make me long to read it. When I go book-shopping, I do my hunting by author and title, not picture. Hollywood, please note: I can READ to find what I want. That’s why I’m in the store.

Such covers are a serious turnoff. I have, more than once, been keen on picking up a book only to storm away in disgust after finding a photo of Miss Five-Minute Fabulous on the front.

Oh come on.

I know I’m not the only one.*


But where was I?

Oh yes.

The novel promises to be a riot. I really enjoyed Lamb by Christopher Moore. (Note to self: Investigate…Are all the funniest writers named “Christopher?”) It’s easily one of the best pieces of blasphemy satire out there. Getting back to TYFS–I’ve read all of the critics’ blurbs and a few excerpts. Thus far, it seems like it could be Lamb…on crack. (Yes, I just butchered a line from the movie. No, I’m not sorry.)

*This, from a girl whose first favorite novel is Anne of Green Gables. Cue the warm feelings of childhood nostalgia…I own an edition with Megan Follows on the cover.


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