It’s NEVER too late!!

The media places too much emphasis on the notion that you have to fit into a certain box in order to make things happen. Lord knows I’ve struggled with thinking I was past my prime—or at least too old to pursue my dreams.

Lest you need another reminder that the opposite is true, read this article featuring the awesome Dina Pugliese. I found it a couple of weekends ago via Twitter and had a smile on my face.


SourceThat’s Dina with the lovely Tracy Moore in the background.

For those of you who don’t know, Dina is a morning show host in Toronto on City TV’s Breakfast Television. At the age of 29 she decided to step out from working behind the scenes in television and began her career as a host. On Twitter twitter she spoke to fans including me about making the switch. At one point she even mentioned hitting a low point and then just GOING FOR IT.

Oh, how I can relate. 😉

Mind you, I’m closer to Dina’s current age than the age she was when she got her start. But my spirit remains undaunted. I can’t wait to get going!

As for my future, I am looking at a career change from my current field, into arts and entertainment. This switch will begin with me furthering my education…

My thoughts on the subject have run from insanely excited to quietly pensive. Meanwhile, even though I believe I’ll be very successful, in the back of my head is the fact that I am going to start out as an intern. This idea isn’t actually that discouraging. In fact I’m more curious than anything else.

My hope stems from knowing that I’ve been looking at the big picture. And quite honestly, I’d rather be at the bottom rung of my dream career than on a path to nowhere in a field where I don’t have a future.


3 thoughts on “It’s NEVER too late!!

  1. Vegan Hippie says:

    so true claire and i wish you all the best…it really is never too late to start…i have a bckgrnd in office admin-executive and i`m currently in the process of upgrading into the medical field. i fell into working at a doctor`s office a few years ago and as fate would have it i love it 🙂
    my goal is to end up in nursing doing research…reach for the stars 🙂

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