Watch It: 19-2

So, I’m in Canada, studying television so that I can become one of our nation’s finest industry pros. I also try to keep an eye on what my country is creating. Enter 19-2.

19-2 (nineteen-two) is an English iteration of the Québécois (French) series of the same name.

Thus far, I enjoy it. I like digging into the nitty-gritty aspects of police work. I like seeing the various dimensions of the characters’ lives unfold on screen. Last week during the show’s third episode, a huge twist was revealed. I didn’t expect it. I felt shocked and disappointed by what I discovered.

And most of all, I was impressed with 19-2’s writers for taking their viewers…There.

(Usually I don’t give a damn about spoilers. Consider yourself lucky.)

19-2 airs tonight at 9pm EST on bravo. Catch it if you can!


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