I have many blog posts left to write…

I should talk about the books I’m reading. I should talk about how I don’t wanna die a Cat Lady…I should talk about the fact that school is ending soon and I’m scared stunned.

Everything’s going to be fine. I just wish I knew what was in store…

Instead, Dear Reader, let’s focus on how I’m going to spend my downtime. This summer the usual number of blockbusters are opening. Behold!

How I love this trailer, let me count the ways…

1. Patrick Stewart. In person, and via voiceover.

2. The special effects.

3. The cinematography.

4. Hugh Jackman.

5. The entire cast.

“Hooked on a Feeling” has never not been sexy to me. Don’t know why. Don’t care.

Stanley Tucci!?! LOVE.

Something about this new Transformers film seems a bit darker than its predecessors.

Does it matter to me?

Not really. So long as ish gets blown up.

What–if any–films are you looking forward to?


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