And not a lie was told.

As I listened to the Black Girl Nerds podcast yesterday, I felt inspired to say something more about Sleepy Hollow‘s latest episode. I agree with the point made at around the 35-minute mark. I firmly believe that there’s a lot that is not being said by people behind the scenes of this show.

One of the reasons I wrote about writers at the beginning of my last post is because I was thinking of something I once read that was casually said by someone on Sleepy Hollow‘s staff. I’m convinced that there’s more to what happened over the show’s lifespan than what’s been shared with the public.

Which brings me to another point connected to what the BGN ladies were saying. When I feel disrespected as a consumer,  or in this case, a fan of something…I prefer honesty over defensiveness. Every. Single. Time.

For more truth-telling, check out this episode of Afterbuzz TV. 


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