2 thoughts on “Claire.She.Goes Episode 8.0 – Sleepy Hollow

  1. Djinna says:

    Wanted to give you kudos for this stellar broadcast. I don’t listed to a lot of podcasts, but this was very worthwhile. Also see you on Twitter. Thank you for this; I am a (recovering) Sleepy Hollow fan, and what you have to say is so spot-on. Wish Orci & company could hear what you have to say; would be very enlightening. My experience in fandom has been very educational, both in how media works (especially in the age of social media), and how far we have to go to achieve any measure of equality in representation. It’s astounding to see how the fandom is fractured, largely along racial lines. It’s also astounding how Fox (which, I shouldn’t be surprised, after all!) has used fans of color and discarded us (and Nicole Beharie) so egregiously. The statement Fox just put out today at Upfronts was so disrespectful to Nicole, not even thanking her for her hard work over the last three years or acknowledging the vital role she has played in getting this show off the ground. I am also very disconcerted about the so-called “insiders” or “industry” types mounting what amounts to a shadow campaign to discredit Nikki, painting her as a diva who was entitled and difficult to work with. It is tragic that, even in 2016, women who voice any concern or criticism (if, indeed, she had, and she would’ve been well within her rights to do so…) are considered divas… or worse. I have tried to counter that whenever I see it in Comments sections because her treatment, particularly in Season 2, and then ESPECIALLY in S3E18, was uncalled for, and it was obvious what was happening. In addition, she had a job waiting for her even PRIOR to the season finale airing overseas; actors have been blacklisted for LESS than what she has been accused of, yet she is able to find a good role before the season is officially over? Give me a break… Keep it up, ladies, and keep telling that truth! It’s very much needed!

  2. Claire says:

    Djinna, I’m glad you enjoyed our discussion. 🙂 If you’re on social media, be sure to let Jamie and Monique know how you feel!

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