Nudes you can use.

I don’t always have easy access to a mall with a MAC counter. Places like Walmart are closer. Hence, earlier this summer, this video from African Export saved me. For some reason, I couldn’t find the mauve or red shades that she mentioned. But if you’re a medium-brown toned black woman looking for a neutralContinue reading “Nudes you can use.”

MAC Attack: “The More You Know” Edition

In 2013, I intend to have a new life. One phase of my plan involves going back to school. I’ll discuss what I am going to study down the road once I’ve been accepted. In the meantime, I’m in the process of trying to take better care of myself. I have been considering my appearance.Continue reading “MAC Attack: “The More You Know” Edition”

Christmas comes but TWICE a year.

So the other night I was looking at an episode of Castle. I couldn’t help notice that it ended with what sounded like a…William Shatner song. Dork that I am, I ran to iTunes. Little did I know the REAL treat that awaited me. Check out the screen shot: There’s something about good old-fashioned, bad-assContinue reading “Christmas comes but TWICE a year.”

Kids these days…

Today I sat in on a class of Grade 9s. They were hyper, but lovely. Check out the response after I tried to tell a student that something he’d said was false… Student A: That’s not a lie, that’s a fib. Me: Actually, they’re both together, under [gesturing] a big umbrella called Dishonesty. Student B:Continue reading “Kids these days…”