Get a grip. Or not.

This afternoon when I saw Blavity’s latest newsletter, this story caught my eye.

Apparently Beyoncé had a post-Grammys party. Harry Styles was there. He put his feet up on a table, and some folks thought it was disrespectful…?

Never mind the reactions in the newsletter. I’m just focused on the image that sparked ire.

Can we all take a breath? (And if you look closely, his foot isn’t actually on the table.) Now, I get feeling like you relate to your favourite public figure. But here’s something I’ve learned through observation and self-reflection: Making assumptions about celebrities and their colleagues’ behaviour doesn’t bring you closer to them. Even if you do have good intentions.

Not that that’s an actual motivating factor for everyone. But sometimes, on a psychological level, I wonder what is

I realize that paragraph might seem rude. That’s not my intention. Rather, I’m hoping to inspire a bit of introspection. (And I totally get the desire to defend Bey against the perceived evils of this world! But what happened here seemed pretty benign.)

‘Cause you know what I see when I saw Harry’s foot? Half of a pair of Adidas shoes. And Adidas produces Bey’s Ivy Park.

Exhale, everyone. EXhale

Photo by Grailify on Unsplash.


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