Hustle On!: Farewell to How She Hustles

Today’s the day! Photos of Emily Mills and her team, circa 2013. After a successful five-year run, the last How She Hustles brunch is being held today in Toronto. I can’t attend this year. Still, I have fond memories. I went last year. In a few short hours I met professionals of all stripes whoContinue reading “Hustle On!: Farewell to How She Hustles”

I’ve been working…

On my Tumblr. Long ago a friend suggested create a writing portfolio. I’m still deciding where it will be. As for this post, a few weeks ago I started studying copywriting via Skillshare. I’m behind–and I’ll post about why soon. 😉 But as soon as I started, I was inspired to create some fake advertisements.Continue reading “I’ve been working…”

Broadbent Sisters – Poolside: Clearing Spaces

The Broadbent Sisters are an artistic duo who are, truly, sisters. Since last year, Rose and Joy have been hosting shows at Toronto’s Huntclub Studio. I had the privilege of attending their most recent exhibit, held Thursday night. Dressed in identical blue outfits, the ladies even gave guests hand massages. Overall, the mood in theContinue reading “Broadbent Sisters – Poolside: Clearing Spaces”

ALN*: It’s Always Something

Last night I volunteered at It’s Always Something–the variety show for Gilda’s Club of Greater Toronto. The show was spectacular. Ron James hosted. Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood brought the house down with their improv routine. Featured musicians included Corey Hart and Jessica Mitchell. I was on duty before the show started at the SonyContinue reading “ALN*: It’s Always Something”

So, I went to Nuit Blanche.

Yes, I know this post is late. As the kids say, I’m “Sorry/Not sorry…” How was it? People were everywhere. And if you don’t believe me, well… Note the two guys on the right in the third photo. My camera just…Did that. I didn’t use any filters or FX in these shots. My adventure beganContinue reading “So, I went to Nuit Blanche.”

Last Friday Night: Forever Friday

Earlier this week I “liked” what I thought was merely a Facebook page for Nuit Blanche. The next thing I know,one of my classmates invited me to hang out with her. I didn’t realize that I’d given the thumbs up to something called Forever Friday. When we arrived I had no idea about the lineup.Continue reading “Last Friday Night: Forever Friday”