Around the T-Dot

So, I went to Nuit Blanche.

Yes, I know this post is late. As the kids say, I’m “Sorry/Not sorry…”

How was it?

People were everywhere. And if you don’t believe me, well…

NB Crowd

NB CrowdBlur2

NB Crowd4

NB Truth

NB CrowdBlur3

NB Crowd5

Note the two guys on the right in the third photo. My camera just…Did that. I didn’t use any filters or FX in these shots.

My adventure began when I exited Queen Station. The farthest I got along Queen was John Street. In fact, that’s where I found this woman:

Shortly after seeing her, I decided to go home. My night ended much sooner than I’d anticipated. (Earlier I’d had visions of pulling an all-nighter.) But it wasn’t disappointing. Not by a long shot.

I remember tweeting after I saw those guys that I’d captured them at Queen and Bay. But it was probably Queen and University.

No matter, though. The music meant more to me than the location. In fact, it’s what made the night worthwhile.


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