I’ve been working…

On my Tumblr. Long ago a friend suggested create a writing portfolio. I’m still deciding where it will be. As for this post, a few weeks ago I started studying copywriting via Skillshare. I’m behind–and I’ll post about why soon. 😉 But as soon as I started, I was inspired to create some fake advertisements.Continue reading “I’ve been working…”

You can run all you like.

You can hide all you want. Your dreams, left unaddressed, will haunt you until you face them. My advice? Tend to them. NOW. Do them justice. Recognize that their realization requires the very work that you have been avoiding. Don’t be scared. Embrace the toil. They say that nothing worth having comes easily, and it’sContinue reading “You can run all you like.”

Black comedy.

Recently one of my fellow students shared a great article with my classmates. It featured two talented actresses: Black female comedians exist. They simply need to be appreciated. More than that—they need to be acknowledged by key players in the entertainment industry. When will folks’ ideas about what black people women can do change? ThisContinue reading “Black comedy.”