Last night.

Church. Kevin preached. What’d I learn…?

What did I scrawl in my notes?

I’m reconsidering scripture memorization as a discipline.

A couple of months ago, I signed up to get in on an online scripture memorization club. But I wasn’t interested in the texts they chose. Somehow they didn’t connect with my spirit…

Nevertheless…I think it’s a great idea and worth following up…

Some time ago I wrote somewhere that The Enemy cannot attack a defended border.


What does Jesus want from us?

I wrote…

God wants our truth, not our perfection.

scribble-scrabble, status report

I *heart* my mom.

Just checking my email. My mom reads my blog. She caught the recent post that I wrote in response to POV. In a message, mi madre wrote–and I’m not kidding…

You know, I wonder, seriously, if all that time/energy would not benefit you more …if you were putting it into…say…writing a chapter for your Book.


So, so true. I have other projects that I need to take care of!


Yet writing–whether online or offline–is cathartic for me. It’s hope. It’s healing.

I have a burning need to express myself. It’s almost a sort of madness.

Dear Mom (And Others),

Don’t worry. I do write other things. Why, just last night I wrote some heartfelt lyrics. I only pray that God gives me the chords to go with ’em. 😉

xo Claire


The Writers’ Strike

I still don’t have a TV. Yet I wondered what was at the heart of the latest strike in Hollyweird. This video gets down to the brass tacks in less than five minutes.

For what it’s worth, I think the writers are being incredibly reasonable. They want 8 cents for every dollar that’s made off their work. It if was me, I’d be looking for at least a quarter.