On expressions of grief in the Age of Social Media

This post was originally shared January 28th on Medium. This past Sunday in the wake of the news about Kobe Bryant, I had a lot of thoughts. Among them, I was wondering whether or not I should post something on Instagram, and if I did, what would I say? In the midst of my questions,… Continue reading On expressions of grief in the Age of Social Media

Wicked Words

As a content writer, I’m committed to my clients’ success. I remember when I first threw myself into this field, I was incredibly enthusiastic. I didn’t anticipate any problems. I mean really. Content’s all the rage. I’m an amazing writer. How could business owners not understand that they needed me? It didn’t take long for… Continue reading Wicked Words

Who’s baking your kid’s biscuits?

Somewhere in America, an elementary school teacher let a feminist bake her class some cookies. I’m a feminist. Hence, I can understand looking at that sentence and thinking, “So what?” Well…There’s more. This woman didn’t just bake any cookies. She made VAGINA cookies. From Reddit: …Friday rolls around and the kids are excited. Autumn Lily… Continue reading Who’s baking your kid’s biscuits?

Get ready?

I have one week before school starts. You’d think I’d be more prepared.  One final but vital detail needs to be sorted out. If you’re spiritual at all, pray or send out positive vibes. In spite of that concern, the other 99.9% of me is overcome with excitement.  I’m really looking forward to experiencing the… Continue reading Get ready?

Throwback – Post prep

While setting up my latest post, I found a few fantastic versions of one of The Temptations’ hits. Happy Friday. 🙂

I need a break.

Don’t you? I joined Luvvie’s 31 Write Now challenge a few days ago. After yesterday’s post I decided to exhale. After all. It’s Friday. *ahem* 😉 I’ve never seen Sons of Anarchy. But this video confirmed it… I need SoA in my life. ASAP. Sesame Street parodies rule. And here’s something for those who want… Continue reading I need a break.

Justice for Trayvon

Source Stacia wrote this poetic and poignant post. I honestly don’t know what to say. Although I’ve been upset, all along, something has kept my soul from making an absolute connection to the anguish that others have expressed. In all honesty, to me, the end of this trial felt more like a cliffhanger than a… Continue reading Justice for Trayvon