On expressions of grief in the Age of Social Media

This post was originally shared January 28th on Medium. This past Sunday in the wake of the news about Kobe Bryant, I had a lot of thoughts. Among them, I was wondering whether or not I should post something on Instagram, and if I did, what would I say? In the midst of my questions,Continue reading “On expressions of grief in the Age of Social Media”

Can we talk about racism in the church?

How about now? In the wake of one of gospel’s greats finding the strength to share his story, I wonder how much longer it will be before he receives an appropriate response. I also wonder about the kind of opposition he might be facing. I keep imagining Christian celebrities and civilians muttering behind the scenes,Continue reading “Can we talk about racism in the church?”

Who’s baking your kid’s biscuits?

Somewhere in America, an elementary school teacher let a feminist bake her class some cookies. I’m a feminist. Hence, I can understand looking at that sentence and thinking, “So what?” Well…There’s more. This woman didn’t just bake any cookies. She made VAGINA cookies. From Reddit: …Friday rolls around and the kids are excited. Autumn LilyContinue reading “Who’s baking your kid’s biscuits?”

“Looking back, looking back, looking back…”

Over on Blogging While Brown I learned that Bee of 83 to Infinity was hosting a blog carnival devoted to posts that celebrated the year gone by and the year to come. Every day offers another chance to close the door on what you don’t want, and open another one. The media reminds us thatContinue reading ““Looking back, looking back, looking back…””