Thanks, Lisa!

I’m always thankful for intriguing comments. Dalia and Lisa never fail to get me thinking. 🙂 eeeenteresting… I have left FT feeling sad, definitely — but sad in the sense that encountering God in corporate worship tore a necessary hole in my protective layer. Pain laced with a deeper joy. Since I left I have… Continue reading Thanks, Lisa!

Oh, honey, no. Just…NO.

I found this article via Gawker’s article, entitled “Barack Obama: Bigger than Jesus“.  It starts out by mentioning that Former Clinton White House mouthpiece Dee Dee Myers just called Barack Obama “the most famous living person in the history of the world.” And I admire Obama as much as any open-minded-optimistic-progressive-conservative these days…But as the… Continue reading Oh, honey, no. Just…NO.

Current Events – Aqsa Parvez

I’ll write about Super Sunday some other time. Probably over Christmas vacation. For now, there are greater things at hand. Namely, the recent death of Aqsa Parvez. I just jotted this down elsewhere… Has anyone got a copy of today’s Toronto Star? The cover story involves two teenage Muslim girls. One wears the hijab. The… Continue reading Current Events – Aqsa Parvez