Gone Too Soon

This morning a car drove by my house. “The Way You Make Me Feel” was blasting on the radio. I couldn’t help but smile…

Last night I was at Starbucks. Several feet away from my friend and I there was a gaggle of young people–probably university students. They were checking their cell phones and Blackberries for the latest…

I’d already heard (read) the news of Michael Jackson’s passing via people’s Facebook comments. But it hadn’t really hit me…

All of a sudden, one of the kids screeched loudly.

…he’s DEAD!?!

If people didn’t know before, they did right then and there…

There was an implied WTF at the end. As in, of all the crazy things you hear about Michael Jackson–and people are used to some pretty crazy ish–his being deceased is the last thing you’d expect.

Indeed, it was for me.

Rest in peace.


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