Current Events – Aqsa Parvez

I’ll write about Super Sunday some other time. Probably over Christmas vacation. For now, there are greater things at hand. Namely, the recent death of Aqsa Parvez. I just jotted this down elsewhere…

Has anyone got a copy of today’s Toronto Star? The cover story involves two teenage Muslim girls. One wears the hijab. The other does not.

Over the past few days I’ve been a bit annoyed (and amused) by the media’s coverage of this tragedy. People are working overtime to defend Islam and the hijab…Unfortunately these things are under attack. Yet at the heart of it all, among other things, in my opinion…

Aqsa Parvez was killed for being a teenager. (I do not say this to make light of what happened. On the contrary.)

Teenagers rebel. They don’t always want to follow their parents’ traditions. I know that the hijab is an important part of Islamic dress…But was it really worth someone’s life?

And then there is the fact that Aqsa’s friends knew that she was afraid of her father’s wrath.

Which brings me to my questions…

What about Aqsa’s teachers? (Because if her friends knew what was happening…) Didn’t they know that her father was abusive? Did they ever attempt to report him? Did they at least attempt to talk to an administrator about their suspicions?

Quite often teachers are aware of what is going on with their students outside of the classroom. If not through direct communication…Kids have a way of talking…To this day it amazes me. They think that somehow (we) their teachers cannot hear, and they let some rather astounding–and revealing–things slip out.

Even if nothing was said…Concerning claims that Aqsa was abused…Were there bruises?

I can’t let go of the feeling that someone could have done something to prevent this from happening.


One thought on “Current Events – Aqsa Parvez

  1. dalia says:

    more often than not, these things are happening, and with so many lines being drawn as to when teachers can step in, help out, say something, no one’s sure what to do anymore.

    likely aqsa’s death would have been preventable–for now. culture clashes would likely have continued, and if she didn’t incite her father’s wrath now, she would have sometime in the future..

    just a thought.

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