The Writers’ Strike

I still don’t have a TV. Yet I wondered what was at the heart of the latest strike in Hollyweird. This video gets down to the brass tacks in less than five minutes.

For what it’s worth, I think the writers are being incredibly reasonable. They want 8 cents for every dollar that’s made off their work. It if was me, I’d be looking for at least a quarter.

Hair we go again

Miss this style?

Me too.

I have officially returned to the twisted look that I first adopted as of August the 25th. (I finished a new set of twists yesterday afternoon. But I didn’t take a new pic. My camera’s on the fritz, and my hair basically looks the same as it did in the posted photo.)

Two months ago, I took my time and did my hair because I was going to allow it to loc.

But then I became impatient. I missed my freestyle ‘fro. I took my hair down. Twice.

The twists are back, and this time I intend to give things a genuine chance. I believe the investment will be worthwhile.
Lord knows I could stand to learn a thing or two about patience and self-discipline…
Around the T-Dot

Over the past week….

In order, I have seen the following people:

David Miller at St. George subway station. He’s handsome. Dashing, even. He said “hi” as he went by.

Bob Rae – Downtown. I won’t say where, as my namedropping isn’t meant to be stalkerish…


Adam Vaughan at the Yes In My Backyard festival. That was an hour or so ago at the Gladstone.

All these encounters with politicians past and present. It kind of makes me wonder…

*scratches head*

Around the T-Dot

We’Lobike Launch!!

We’Lobike is launching in Toronto on September the 13th. Ill Seer is the man behind the madness. As he wrote on my myspace page…

Toronto is about to get a little bit brighter with the launch of WE’LO, as it pedals its way towards promoting a higher level of social and environmental consciousness. In an effort dedicated to producing clean green energy to power the lights for non-profit, government and corporate organizations, WE’LO is announcing its green arrival – on wheels.

The WeloBike, a prototype designed to produce an average of 50w/h of electricity per cycling hour (and 100w/h for experienced cyclists), will be the main feature at the Inaugural Product Launch Benefit Concert and Fundraiser, We’Local. In partnership with The Gateway homeless shelter, Welo is gearing up for this event, taking place in Toronto, ON at The Annex Wreckroom, at 8pm on September 13, 2007.

Hosted by local emcee Ill Seer, the benefit concert will feature several different genres of progressive music, including a live instrumental PA by Vangel (5 ¼ Recordings / Urbnet), folk-rock powerhouse Julia Churchill (Fire Escape Records), indie sensation Elephant, and the soulful hiphop of headliner The Runaway (Prophetic Poetic).

Around the T-Dot


There’s a store in Kensington Market that I pop into on occasion. And every time I do, I come away feeling good.

Welcome to Soma.
Yesterday, outside, I met a very kind older gentleman. We chatted for a bit. I guessed correctly that he was the owner’s father. During our conversation I asked him the meaning of the store’s name. He couldn’t tell me, but instead, directed me indoors.

I approached the proprietor. We’d met a few times before. Although comfortable with each other, I still didn’t know how to address her. “What does ‘Soma’ mean?”

“The Moon God,” she replied.

The store is simple, but I think it’s beautiful. Small, and…Packed. I’m inclined to think they need a larger space.

Nevertheless, whenever I’m there, I feel happy. Even though these days I can’t afford to purchase much of anything.

Yesterday was no exception. As usual, I came away from my visit feeling fantastic. 🙂

Firstly, I learned the proprietor’s name.

It’s Indira.

I think I embarrassed her by asking to take her photo. But I don’t think my experience would’ve been complete without it. We spoke of education and the nuances of the English language…Two of my favourite subjects. 😉 She’s a lovely lady. 

And then there was THE Dress. Notice what I called it. 😉 In my last job, we dealt with products that had particular names. I remember my boss referred to one item as THE…*sigh*…I don’t want to reveal any company secrets.

Suffice it to say that in my books, when someone refers to something using the definite article, they mean business.

But enough with the grammar. Back to the store.

I tend to fall in love with a piece or two when I visit. Today was no exception.

That’s all Indira would let me get away with. We can’t give the competitors any ideas. 😉

I don’t understand why or how I was drawn to this dress. Apparently it has magical powers.

“Even if somebody fat puts it on, they’ll look skinny.” 

I giggled at this claim, but Indira insists that it’s true. It’s a Wonder Dress, with the ability to make anybody look like a million bucks.

Today I am still a bit in awe of how easily I became seduced by a piece of clothing.

Around the T-Dot

July the 6th

The Six Ah Wi Art Collective had an opening at The Gladstone. I thought the title of their event was more than brilliant: “Genius Loves Company”.

Although I didn’t stay very long, I was captivated by the creative energy of the evening. If I could convey one thing to you about the occasion, it is this: When people come together, good things happen.

The last image in this post is the first one that I took…It’s of artist Sonia Farquharson and her piece, “Rhythm of Unity”. I smiled as soon as I saw it. Believe me when I say that my photo doesn’t do it justice. Sonia told me her painting was inspired by the Bob Marley song, “One Drop”.

I’ve never heard it in its entirety. But I just found the lyrics. Here’s a sample:

…feel this drumbeat
As it beats within playing a rhythm
Resisting against the system
I know Jah would never let us down
Pull your rights from wrong
I know Jah would never let us down…


Pull your rights from wrong” is going to linger in my mind for the rest of the day…