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Shades of The Boondocks, anyone?

I’m not complaining. Not in the least! But there’s a new cartoon in town.
For those who don’t get The Boondocks reference, here you go.

Name That Tune!

Seriously. Never mind the sharp notes or if I’m off key. I don’t know what this song is called. It’s driving me bonkers.

While I was on vacation…

Sometime before I went away…I shot this video. I look forward to posting more. I should explain my past-tense church references. I haven’t gone in AGES. Although still a member, I would feel dishonest if I said “….the church I ATTEND“. Initially, I stopped due to The Job That Ate My Life. Then, I went away. But I’ve returned to the city, and I look forward to...

So Dalia asked…

If I twisted my hair to grow it into dreds. Don’t I always? <> LOL. On a serious note, if you know me in real life, this has been my pattern since…Oh…Last October: Twist hair. Contemplate leaving alone until it dreds. Get seduced by photos of gorgeous babes with long dreds. Dream of joining their ranks. Get scared. Start missing ‘fro. Take out twists. Lather, rinse...

Hair Update

I’ve twisted it again. Had to, for the sake of my soul’s sanity.
I intend to leave them in this time…We’ll see how far I get. Especially as this must be the fifth or sixth time I’ve done my hair this way since last October.
Oh…When I think of how long and funky my hair could have been if I’d just left it alone since then…
*shakes head*

So You Want To Teach?

I found Joel’s site one or two nights ago.
Even though I have yet to implement any of his strategies, it’s been a godsend.


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