and now for something completely superficial

"Why Angelina Jolie Looks Young"


That’s what an ad said in the margin of my Facebook page just now.

What are these people on?

The last time I checked, girl was 33.  Thirty-three.  That’s the same age as me.

A week or so ago a woman on the Yorkville stretch of Bloor Street muttered some slur about me being a KID.

You want people to figure out why Ms. Jolie-Pitt looks young, as though it’s a mystery on par with the location of the Holy Grail?

I’ll tell you why Angie looks young, son.

She ain’t old.

Interestingly enough, when I went a-Googling for a photo for this piece, I found one of Angelina without makeup.  I should’ve posted it. She looks like one of my friends.  Pretty, but still…Young.

What is with our society and its obsession with youth? It’s the greatest irony of all: Even the young aren’t young enough.


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