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  • Aging gracefully? How about *realistically*?

    Aging gracefully? How about *realistically*?

    Last week I accidentally discovered that once upon a time, a brand shared an ageist meme on one of their social channels. Now, The Brand isn’t a household name, so I won’t mention them. Quite frankly, I have no interest in exposing anyone today. Doing such a thing would be pointless, and I have a…

  • Getting OLDER? Keep cozy, Friends.

    Getting OLDER? Keep cozy, Friends.

    I have never resented aging. But the way that society and the media handles it…? If you listen to their noise, you could very well get a complex. ‘Round these parts, the stench of the media’s latest agist disaster is still in the air. Every now and then on Twitter, someone seems stunned when a…