Getting OLDER? Keep cozy, Friends.

I have never resented aging. But the way that society and the media handles it…? If you listen to their noise, you could very well get a complex.

‘Round these parts, the stench of the media’s latest agist disaster is still in the air. Every now and then on Twitter, someone seems stunned when a woman’s face has barely changed after 20+ years of being an adult. (Psssst! Forty-something isn’t that old.)

Going grey? Good for you!!

In spite of how amazing we are in real life, to some, the further a woman gets past 40—or hell, even 30—her days are numbered. We have misogynists flummoxed. For, contrary to the content of their Kool-Aid, we exist in this space where we’re not supposed to be relevant.

If you’re an older adult, I salute you. I mean us. Here we are. Alive. Kicking. Killing it. Still living, breathing, and beautiful.

What’s a woman to do?!

Naturally, since this issue is one that affects me, my thoughts are still developing. But in the meantime?

Stay cozy, friends.

Photo via Natasha Brazil on Unsplash.





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