Beyoncé’s Got Beats: Break My Soul (The Queens Remix)

How cool was it that when I typed Beyoncé in Unsplash’s search bar, it brought up this photo by Emily Bauman?  I’ve felt an urge to look at Renaissance song by song. We’ll see if I follow up on it in the days to come. If not, here’s a taste of the latest on her latest… If you’ve been feeling “Break My Soul” you should know that Bey’s been sharing remixes galore. While the weight of this world is...

Beyond “Break My Soul”: Anticipating New Beyoncé

“B is back,” indeed! Like so many of you I’ve been blasting Beyoncé’s lates single. It’s a certified hit. But it’s also been speaking to me on a deeper level. When I hear “Break My Soul” my spirit feels unstoppable. It gives my mood a boost. Queen Bey’s new album drops tomorrow, and I can’t wait! From what I read last night, her new...

“Say YES!”

I don’t know about you, but I want Destiny’s Child to return. When they come back, they can do anything they want–gospel, soul, rock ‘n roll. I don’t care! I just need them in my life.
I love this song so much!

As you go into this week, keep your eyes on the prize. You’ve got what it takes!!

A little something from Jill Scott.

So I discovered this last night…

Jill’s song made me feel so beautiful and blessed, I can’t describe it.
I hope you feel the same. 🙂

Christmas comes but TWICE a year.

So the other night I was looking at an episode of Castle. I couldn’t help notice that it ended with what sounded like a…William Shatner song. Dork that I am, I ran to iTunes. Little did I know the REAL treat that awaited me. Check out the screen shot: There’s something about good old-fashioned, bad-ass rock ‘n roll. I don’t care how broke I am. I don’t care if...

Like a BOSS.

This is quite possibly the best example of Stealing Like An Artist paying homage to a classic that I’ve seen in a while. I tell you. I know next to nothing about Bruno Mars. He could be the Antichrist of pop music, for all I care. But I don’t feel like shaming him for thievery. I’d rather celebrate the nostalgia I felt last night when I watched this video. I swear, from the...


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