Beyoncé’s Got Beats: Break My Soul (The Queens Remix)

How cool was it that when I typed Beyoncé in Unsplash’s search bar, it brought up this photo by Emily Bauman

I’ve felt an urge to look at Renaissance song by song. We’ll see if I follow up on it in the days to come. If not, here’s a taste of the latest on her latest…

If you’ve been feeling “Break My Soul” you should know that Bey’s been sharing remixes galore.

While the weight of this world is very much on my mind, I’m thankful that Beyoncé exists. Her music’s been giving me a bit of a reprieve from our seemingly-constant cycle of craziness.

As much as I’ve been feeling inspired to call out our culture’s ignorance, her work reminds me that there is still art to appreciate, and by Divine Decree, I have work to do.





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