Around the T-Dot

July the 6th

The Six Ah Wi Art Collective had an opening at The Gladstone. I thought the title of their event was more than brilliant: “Genius Loves Company”.

Although I didn’t stay very long, I was captivated by the creative energy of the evening. If I could convey one thing to you about the occasion, it is this: When people come together, good things happen.

The last image in this post is the first one that I took…It’s of artist Sonia Farquharson and her piece, “Rhythm of Unity”. I smiled as soon as I saw it. Believe me when I say that my photo doesn’t do it justice. Sonia told me her painting was inspired by the Bob Marley song, “One Drop”.

I’ve never heard it in its entirety. But I just found the lyrics. Here’s a sample:

…feel this drumbeat
As it beats within playing a rhythm
Resisting against the system
I know Jah would never let us down
Pull your rights from wrong
I know Jah would never let us down…


Pull your rights from wrong” is going to linger in my mind for the rest of the day…


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