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We’Lobike Launch!!

We’Lobike is launching in Toronto on September the 13th. Ill Seer is the man behind the madness. As he wrote on my myspace page…

Toronto is about to get a little bit brighter with the launch of WE’LO, as it pedals its way towards promoting a higher level of social and environmental consciousness. In an effort dedicated to producing clean green energy to power the lights for non-profit, government and corporate organizations, WE’LO is announcing its green arrival – on wheels.

The WeloBike, a prototype designed to produce an average of 50w/h of electricity per cycling hour (and 100w/h for experienced cyclists), will be the main feature at the Inaugural Product Launch Benefit Concert and Fundraiser, We’Local. In partnership with The Gateway homeless shelter, Welo is gearing up for this event, taking place in Toronto, ON at The Annex Wreckroom, at 8pm on September 13, 2007.

Hosted by local emcee Ill Seer, the benefit concert will feature several different genres of progressive music, including a live instrumental PA by Vangel (5 ¼ Recordings / Urbnet), folk-rock powerhouse Julia Churchill (Fire Escape Records), indie sensation Elephant, and the soulful hiphop of headliner The Runaway (Prophetic Poetic).


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