Hair we go again, self-care/self-aware

So Dalia asked…

If I twisted my hair to grow it into dreds.

Don’t I always? <>


On a serious note, if you know me in real life, this has been my pattern since…Oh…Last October:

Twist hair. Contemplate leaving alone until it dreds. Get seduced by photos of gorgeous babes with long dreds. Dream of joining their ranks.

Get scared. Start missing ‘fro.

Take out twists.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

My hair is getting longer, and I don’t know what else to doooooooooooooooo!! *sobs*

I don’t want to perm (straighten) it, so please don’t ask.

I’ve actually considered cutting it into something manageable. Four to five inches or so. Now that was a good length. šŸ˜‰ Lord knows I could use a trim.

Meanwhile, I am eagerly awaiting summer vacation. I’ve been having a few revelations about my career. I can’t wait to speak my mind. LOL.


2 thoughts on “So Dalia asked…

  1. Lisa says:

    dreads would be seriously wicked, but I also like the ‘fro. Whatever you do, don’t perm-straighten it.

    I also stare in awe at women with gorgeous long dreads …good things come to those who wait, so do it!

  2. dalia says:

    wear twists and then when you get tired, rock the fro… it’s summer, fros are ALWAYS best in the warm weather.

    i am currently wearing braids ’cause i’m this ( – ) close to lopping off whatever’s growing underneath them. not long enough to rock a big fro, but man, i can’t wait until i can again.

    i’ve been thinking about dreds, but man, in my opinion, a gorgeous fro trumps a luscious headful of locs any day.

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