Hair – A Love Story

Yesterday on Twitter I happened upon a discussion about black people’s hair. The Essence Debates team was soliciting thoughts on wearing natural hair at work. Initially, I was ticked off. “It’s 2013, and we’re STILL discussing this…?!?” My mind even slipped into snarky territory. This is what’s wrong with black women. We still think weContinue reading “Hair – A Love Story”

Natural Hair – Products: The Clean-Up Crew

This is the end of the series on my haircare basics. If you missed my earlier posts, you can catch them here and here. Today I’m sharing what I use to wash my hair. Herbal Essences Hello Hydration – In June I bought the largest bottle on the shelf right before I started to undoContinue reading “Natural Hair – Products: The Clean-Up Crew”

Natural Hair – Products: The Style Team

As mentioned in an earlier post, these are the gems I’ve been using in my hair. Oyin Handmade’s Burnt Sugar Pomade – This is an oil-based product. The packaging says it’s a “humectant”. Mind you, I’m not too sure about it’s moisturizing properties. The main reason I keep it around is that it smells likeContinue reading “Natural Hair – Products: The Style Team”

Natural Hair – Products: Homemade Hair Treats

Since I’m trying to put more of myself into this blog, I thought it would be fun to do a brief series on what I use in my hair. I’m not a beauty authority. I’m just sharing what I’ve been using on my type 4a-z hair. After my locs were undone, I rounded up myContinue reading “Natural Hair – Products: Homemade Hair Treats”